The Trouble with the Pitch: Off Label Uses of Yaz and Yasmin

Birth control pills were originally developed to do exactly as it says: prevent unwanted pregnancies. The first oral contraceptives were not always effective even with perfect use, but newer formulations have proven to be highly efficacious. Of course, as is typical with most pharmaceutical solutions, there are side effects that range from uncomfortable to potentially fatal. It is accepted that with any type of oral contraceptives, there are common side effects such as blood clotting, gallbladder complications, and possible cardiac problems.

Currently, much attention has been brought to bear on the newest crop of oral contraceptives which contain drosperinone because it is suspected that the typical risks associated with oral contraceptives may be higher with 3rd and 4th generation progestins such as drosperinone than 1st and 2nd generation ones. Among the most targeted products in this category for product liability cases are Yaz and Yasmin, both manufactured by Bayer. The most popular allegation is that Bayer knew or should have known about these elevated risks and failed to give due warning to users. Bayer continues to deny these allegations as it steadily settles thousands of cases.

But to add salt to injury, Bayer had mounted an aggressive and highly successful direct-to-cutomer (DTC) marketing campaign which touted the success of Yaz and Yasmin for off label use such as treatment of premenstrual syndrome and severe acne before the Food and Drug Administration could put a stop to it. By then, doctors had prescribed the drugs to a lot of women who would otherwise not take oral contraceptives for treatment of these conditions, believing that they were no more harmful than older formulations.

As a result, more than 12,000 women or their representatives are now waiting for the outcome of litigation or settlement offers for injuries they sustained from the use of Yaz and Yasmin. By what percentage that number would have been reduced if Bayer had not encouraged the off-label use of the product is hard to determine, but it is probably a significant number.

Pharmacutical Defects Cause Injury In Several New York Townships

OSSINING, N.Y. – People trust their health and money to many pharmaceutical companies and corporations. This is a very necessary industry, where life Visit Our Siteand survival depends on the prescription medications that doctors and pharmacists assign. They are made to effectively cure a problem, or prevent its progression. This is why when adverse side effects or progression of the disease is felt by the patient, the bulk of the blame goes to the doctors and pharmacists who have given the prescription.

Thousands of Americans suffer from the adverse side effects of many faulty pharmaceuticals. Even the widely used and common prescriptions drugs are being recalled due to their unfavorable side effects. In these cases, personal injury lawyers often advise victims to file claims against the pharmaceutical companies responsible for their injuries. Injuries resulting from faulty prescription drugs are the responsibilities of the people who manufacture the medicines.

Pharmaceutical companies are in charge of making sure their products are safe and effective. After that, it is the job of the Food and Drug Administration to ensure that what the pharmaceutical companies claim is right and if the medications are effective without any unidentified adverse side effects. If this process is not followed, faulty pharmaceutical products can cause the patient a lot of unwanted health complications.

For a product to be considered as a faulty pharmaceutical it has to be contaminated, provide unwanted effects, or otherwise does not address the underlying symptoms of the ailment. This can be a dangerous situation and a matter of life or death, as many people could develop more health risks and complications due to a faulty pharmaceutical product.

When this happens, you may only be headed for medical treatments and rehabilitation, which could put a strain on your finances. For a person already suffering from health problems, you can help get compensation by asking for legal advice and help from certified personal injury lawyers. Trying to get compensation for all the pain and suffering you’ve gone through because of dangerous products is vital, not only for you but also for preventing other people from suffering the same fate.