Social Security Disability Filing

Many people often focus too much on succeeding on their chosen careers or jobs that they forget to make back-up plans. Anything can go wrong anytime, and accidents that can happen may leave you with a disability that can affect you for the rest of your life, this is where having a Social Security could become invaluable.

Recent studies show that almost one in four young adults (20 year olds) are at risk of disability before reaching the age of 67. Social Security can help provide benefits to workers who cannot return to their work because of a medical disability for at least a year. To meet the requirements for a disability benefit, a worker should be able to meet two types of earnings test: first, “recent work” test which is based on the disability started, and second the “duration of work” which establishes the length of time you have worked for Social Security credits.

Some time ago, the only way to apply for a Social Security Disability benefit would be by filing them to the Social Security Administration, but recently applying online has become available. You can also apply through the phone and at local Social Security office such as that at San Antonio. These options, although convenient, still require you to present certain documents to prove your circumstances in order to avoid delay or possible denied application.

Benefits will be given after thorough evaluation of the case, such as the documents submitted along with the length of time worked (if you are applicable for a Social Security Disability benefit) and the current employment status (if is a factor for disqualification of disability benefits). If the criteria are met, then the application is then submitted to the department of Disability Determination Services for a full review, since they are the ones who will grant the “approved” or “denied” decision regarding the application.

Because it can take a long time to have a disability benefit application to be approved, it is necessary to apply for it as soon as you have become disabled. A letter shall be sent to inform you whether your application is approved or denied.