Choosing which Specific Type of Restaurant would be Good to Open

A plan to open a restaurant business may be more challenging than opening any other form of business. Besides all the usual concerns which include permits, contracts and so on, the product sold, menu, is an added risk. Without proper and wise planning, the food you intend to serve may just end up being wasted, resulting to losses rather than profit.

It is, therefore, important to focus your thoughts on these following issues as these will enable you to decide exactly what type of a restaurant business would be best for you to run and manage: What food do you intend to serve?; What is your intended price range?; Who is target customer?; Do you want a casual or a formal establishment? Knowing the differences each type of restaurant has from others would definitely help in your decision making. So, here are eight types that may help you decide which restaurant type you might exactly want to open:

  • Fine Dining – means the best atmosphere, food, and top-notch service from highly-trained servers. This is the type of restaurant where everything comes at a high price.
  • Food Truck – a mobile restaurant that requires a lower capital and maintenance budget. Its being mobile means you can take it where possible customers are more plentiful.
  • Buffet Style Restaurant – a practice that has existed since the Middle Ages. Customers are required to serve themselves with the privilege of choosing any food set on tables.
  • Cafe – offers an intimate and relaxing ambiance (and an outdoor sitting area). Patrons, themselves, place their orders at the counter; menu choices include sandwiches, pastries and coffee.
  • Fast Casual Restaurant – one of the most preferred today. Here, more upscale food is served on disposable flatware and dishes. It also has an open kitchen, allowing the customers to see how food is prepared.
  • Family Style Dining – (also called casual style dining) its moderately priced food consists of classics cuisines, unique dips, sauces and toppings. Family or casual style dining offers table side service.
  • Fast Food – the most famous and preferred type of restaurant. Prices are cheaper, service is fast and customers are ensured greater convenience (location, dress attire, etc.). More expensive to open as this type of restaurant is offered through franchising.

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