City of New York to Pay Damages for Zucotti Park Raid

new york arrestOn November 15, 2011, the NYPD forcibly removed Occupy Wall Street protestors from their encampment in Zucotti Park, arresting occupiers by the busload and damaging thousands of dollars worth of property onsite.

Since the raid, protestors have been fighting for compensation for the damages police officers caused to their belongings. Yesterday, the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York ruled that the city must pay back the movement for $366,700 in damages and legal fees.

Occupy’s case against the city claimed that officers destroyed the free, donation-based library that was being managed by volunteers in the park. Additionally, police destroyed internet streaming equipment such as laptops, WIFI hotspots, and cameras that were being used to feed live video of the protest around the world. NYC must also compensate the owners of bicycle-powered generators that were destroyed in the raid.

Members of the Occupy Wall Street may be happy with this small victory, but should make an effort to not let this settlement placate the movement.

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