Learning About Food

Food is an essential part of the human experience. Salt that elevates flavor profiles. Acidity that makes you pucker your lips. A sweetness that calms your heart. I love learning about different tastes and how different cultures apply them to culturally-important recipes.

This year, I am trying to increase my knowledge of different flavor profiles and cuisines. I want to learn about the umami of Asian cooking, the brusqueness of eastern European food and so much more. I didn’t have many opportunities to experience different types of food growing up, because my family followed pretty similar routines and recipes growing up.

To expand my knowledge, I’ve turned to research online through food blogs and home chef pages! I’ve had a lot of success so far and my family loves the different recipes I’ve introduced in my repertoire. The most surprising thing I’ve learned, however, is the importance of the environment to the eating/cooking experience.

Apparently, experts say that people prefer eating average food in a beautiful setting over eating amazing food in a dim or dull place. Naturally, I want to elevate my experience as much as possible. So, I decided to not only learn more about what makes food good but also what maximizes the quality of a dining setting.

It was intuitive to learn that lighting is pretty important to what constitutes a good place for a meal — no one wants to eat food they can’t see! However, specifically, natural lighting is the best option for ways to illuminate guests and the meals they are eating. The next thing I learned about was spacing. People don’t like to be closed off or closed in — it’s a threat to our natural human instinct of preservation! Open-concept restaurants not only make the best food, but customers prefer the ambiance.

This, of course, was difficult to reconcile with the constraints of my home chef adventures; it’s not like I can just knock down walls in my kitchen or dining room the same way that restaurants can. So, I researched alternatives for open-air seating with natural lighting in homes and felt dumb. Of course, eating outside is an option!

My outside patio and outdoor kitchen were disasters, though. So I had to research even more to find the best Chesterfield lawn care service that could take care of my lawn while also helping with outdoor kitchens or entertainment options. Midwest Lawn Co was the most recommended and discussed option, so I contacted them immediately to see what they could for my lawn and more importantly, for my outdoor kitchen. I met with someone to discuss my options and pretty soon, my outdoor kitchen looked brand new and amazing!

Since then, my family has cooked and eaten outside in the evenings. The lighting is perfect as the sun sets, and the flavors of our meals are elevated with such open space under a beautiful sky. I highly recommend Midwest Lawn Co to any who needs someone to cut their grass or remodel an outdoor kitchen!

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