Petition to Save Rye Playland Reaches 1,200 Signatures

amusement parkRye, N.Y. – The fate of Rye Playland, a small amusement park located in Rye, New York, will be decided in the coming weeks. Lawmakers in the town of slightly more than 15,500 people are left to choose between four proposals for the amusement park’s future.

One of these plans is receiving a lot of negative attention from some of the town’s inhabitants. The Sustainable Playland proposal for the park would cost $34 million and greatly reduce the number of rides in the park in favor of a mini water park, fields, restaurants, and a huge lawn that will provide a view of Long Island Sound.

This proposal is meeting great opposition from many residents of Rye for eliminating too many rides and removing too much parking. A website and petition called “Save Playland Amusement Park” hopes to fight the Sustainable Playland proposal and promotes two of the other three proposals for the future of Playland.

These other proposals include a $25 million plan to add some fields, rides, and water attractions. A different $26.4 proposal would add mini-golf, a children’s play area, and new rides. The final proposal would rebrand the park as Legoland New York.

The petitioners seem to be dead set on ensuring the $34 million plan is not chosen, with the petition gaining more than 1,200 signatures in its first couple weeks.

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