Top 5 Las Vegas Traffic Laws and Safety Tips for Bicyclists

Las Vegas is a city that never sleeps. Thousands of people visit here every year for work, leisure, or to see the sites. One of the most popular modes of transportation among locals and visitors alike is biking. Whether you’re using your bike for commuting to work or just going out on the town with friends, there’s one thing that every cyclist needs: safety!

We’ll go over five important traffic laws and tips for cyclists in Las Vegas in this post. We hope these will help keep your cycling experience safe and enjoyable!

1) Similar to cars, bicycles need to follow many traffic laws. Cyclists must obey stop signs and red lights (after slowing down), yield right-of-way when appropriate, stay on the road or bike lane except in designated areas like crosswalks and use hand signals before turning or changing lanes, so other motorists know what you’re doing. 

2) Be aware of your surroundings! This means being hyper-vigilant about cars and pedestrians. Stay alert for drivers who are turning or changing lanes, people walking in the street on their phones, animals crossing the road–anything that can impact you because they aren’t paying attention to traffic laws like cyclists do.

3) Always wear a helmet! It’s the law in Las Vegas, and it should be on your list of must-have items. A bicycle crash can cause severe head trauma that may not only end up with hospitalization but also death–no one wants to risk this happening to them or their loved ones.

4) Follow the bike lane. If there isn’t one, ride as close to the center of the street or road as possible and be sure you’re safe from car doors opening on either side of your path.

5) Finally, be sure you are visible! Keep your bike and lights clean to make yourself more recognizable. Always use a headlight or taillight at night, wear bright colors when possible, and don’t forget reflective gear so other drivers can see you on the road.

You can reduce the possibility of an accident by following these rules and tips from Adam S. Kutner. However, if you still get injured on the road because of someone else’s negligence driving, make them pay for their mistake by filing a lawsuit against them with the help of a skilled personal injury lawyer or law firm. This will help you recover your expenses related to the medical cost and bicycle repair.

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